Why Corporate Partners?

Corporate Partners is uniquely well positioned to be a preferred partner for companies seeking a value-added investor with supportive long-term equity capital.

Corporate partnership-style investing is our specialty

We are a private equity fund manager dedicated to corporate partnership-style investing. Over many years, our senior investment team has successfully made privately negotiated minority-stake investments in support of companies across a broad range of industries, through diverse economic and market cycles. We will invest only if invited to do so.

We Invest in Solutions®

Flexible as to the use of proceeds (for example, de-leveraging and refinancings, strategic acquisitions or joint ventures, shareholder restructurings) and transaction structure, we seek to deploy our capital as a catalyst to increase the shareholder value of the companies in which we invest. We work together with each company to develop the right solution, building on our demonstrated track record of creativity and producing mutually positive outcomes, often in complicated situations.

We believe in partnership

A key driver of the success of our portfolio companies continues to be our ability to be a collaborative, constructive partner, aiding in the achievement of corporate goals by working with boards and senior management teams.

We have access to considerable value-added resources

We provide our portfolio companies with access to extensive resources and relationships, including enhanced access to additional potential financing sources, as appropriate.

Corporate Partners vs. other capital sources

Our investment approach distinguishes us from other alternative capital sources. Our partnership style and minority ownership position may make us more attractive to companies than control-oriented leveraged buyout funds. Our long-term view and the stability of the capital we provide may make us more attractive to companies than short-term, trading-oriented hedge funds. In addition, Corporate Partners may be a more appropriate capital source than the public markets in situations in which the relationship, certainty of financing and protection of sensitive information are key considerations.